Amazing varnished copper wire at the Best Price

The application of lacquered wire, due to its copper and aluminum material, is that this type of wire is widely used in motor windings or in transformer windings due to its thin and thin insulation volume, which is why this type of wire is also known as transformer wire.

Varnished copper wire is divided and recognized by their cross section, the samples of which in the market have thicknesses of about 0.05 to 6 mm, which according to the amount of current passing through it, the thickness of the wire can be determined.

If we want to provide an approximation for the maximum current density of the lacquered wire, with an engineering approximation we can reach 4 A / mm2.

 Amazing  varnished copper wire at the Best Price

varnished copper wire for Well Pump

 varnished copper wire for Well Pump Varnished copper wire for well pump used with special waterproof coating for use in floating engines

Wire insulation has special specifications and the structure of the cover is such that the possibility of bending properly absorbs low water, Provides high insulation strength and stability to increase the useful life of the cable.

Floating motors are used as wet motors in liquids and Therefore, the wires used in floating motor windings require high quality that is completely impermeable to liquids.

Winding wires consist of a flat or multi-strand copper conductor insulated using a plastic sheath made from one of the following materials: Cement coil with PVC and PE2 / PA insulation, copper and solid filaments for infrared motors up to 15 kV. Special geophysical cable for resistance to high pressure and temperature.

Submersible pump wire is one of the accessories of submersible motor winding and shoe, which is widely used in this industry. Manufacturers usually use special anti-corrosion coatings to prevent it from getting wet.

The float pump wire insulation has special specifications and is designed and built in such a way that it can be easily bent.

Ways of Tracing an Underground Wire

Ways of Tracing an Underground Wire About a super underground wire we should know: Copper metal is the best choice electrically and is the most prominent conductor material used in the distribution and transmission of electrical energy, which is used for conductors of wires and power cables due to its high electrical conductivity and excellent physical and mechanical properties. 1- Better electrical conductivity and higher conductivity 2- Due to the lower resistance of copper, its energy consumption is lower. 3- Easy installation 4- Higher mechanical strength that can withstand more stresses and does not break easily due to bending and rotation especially when you want do underground burial wire

5- Elastic indices of copper are about 1.7 to 1.8 times higher than aluminum. 6- The load capacity of copper cable is 30% higher than aluminum cable. 7- Corrosion resistant and highly resistant to erosion 8- More flexibility 9- Using copper for electrical purposes greatly increases energy efficiency; A property that other metals are deprived of.

And about underground wire splice we should know: When you want to replace part of a building wiring, use connection methods such as special clamps or connection pads to prevent overheating, to combine copper and aluminum wiring or to combine wires made of different metals. they do. This design provides a high level of safety and also avoids hazards. However, periodic tests, pulling bolt connections, and terminal blocks are disadvantages of this method.

Super Underground Wire Dealers

Super Underground Wire Dealers There are points that super underground wire dealers should notice:

One of the types of ground earth cable is wire ground cable, which is sometimes called nyy.

Ground cable. Because wire ground cable is made of single-stranded wire, it is called single-strand ground wire or single-strand ground wire Nyy.

The voltage of this cable is about 300 to 500 and 450 to 750 volts. The price of Nyy ground cable is higher than other ground cables other than fiber optic ground cable because it is made of copper ground cable and the price of copper ground cable is higher than the price of aluminum ground cable and other cables with other conductors.


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