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Direct Wire has been a proud American company since its founding in 1977, and American manufacturing and ingenuity are the foundation of our company’s mission and core values. Our unwavering desire to design, engineer and manufacture in the USA sets us apart from our competitors – resulting in higher quality products, shorter lead times and jobs for American workers. In 1989, Clark Wire & Cable opened its entryways to the broadcast industry. Direct Wire and Cable The goal is to provide highly engineered products designed to meet the unique needs of the broadcast and AV professional, with exceptional customer service and value-added support. At Clark, the company understands that customers are the cornerstone of business. Customer service and support have been Clark’s priorities over the past three years of growth. Personal service from our knowledgeable sales team and account managers ensures exceptional customer service and on-time delivery. In addition to high-performance wire and cable products, Sterling Wire and Cable offers a wide range of wire and connection management products, including heat shrink tubing, ferrules, terminal devices, wire identification systems, cable connectors and wire terminations. Offers. We offer several value-added services including wire and cable rewinding, spiral stripping, twisting, hot stamping, engraving, and dyeing. Company also offers his customers a managed inventory program to meet their “just in time” delivery requirements. We’ll put you in touch with a wire specialist who can help. New England Wire Technologies is a secretly held, employee-owned company with a rich narrative dating back to 1898. his Lisbon, NH facility includes over 385,000 square feet of manufacturing, quality/testing, tooling/machining, and office space. We are an ISO9001:2015 registered company with over 400 employees working in three shifts five days a week. Clark Wire and Cable

Direct Wire and Cable

At Direct Wire, we have a proud heritage of innovation and pioneering spirit that keeps us at the forefront of product development, service excellence and continuous improvement. From humble beginnings in 1977 – shipping cable samples from owner Richard Witter’s garage – to launching our newest, most advanced continuous vulcanization line, Direct Wire is committed to the future. Direct Wire is proud of Direct Wire’s history of success and the creativity and ingenuity of the people who make it possible. Here’s the latest evidence of how our team of thinkers and pioneers are redefining innovation in the wire and cable industry. Direct Wire is widely recognized as the market leader in highly durable and versatile cables and assemblies manufactured to exacting U.S. and international standards. We offer a wide range of products with high performance and reliability, with our flagship Flex brands – Flex-A-Prene®, Ultra-Flex®, All-Flex®, Veri-Flex®, Dura-Flex® – it is known in the industry. The best solution for welding, electrical and industrial applications. Drawing on decades of wire and cable manufacturing expertise, Direct Wire products are more reliable, durable, and secure, with the physical, mechanical, and resistive properties needed to meet customer needs and solve their power and power management challenges. Direct Wire uses proprietary engineered components and state-of-the-art machinery to produce high-performance industrial-grade wire and cable products with build quality unmatched on the market, including higher copper strands and tighter outer diameters, superior durability and features electrical resistance and conductivity and excellent flexibility. Sterling Wire and Cable

Clark Wire and Cable

Clark Wire & Cable is a leading manufacturer of cabling and connection technology for the broadcast and commercial AV markets. Clark also offers customized connectivity products as part of an enterprise solutions-based service model. From custom cable and cable assemblies to metal fabrication and custom wiring junction boxes, Clark can provide connection products that are built specifically for any system. Clark leads and innovates in cable and connector technology, with first-to-market releases on many products that have become industry standards. Clark’s most popular cable, the Stereo Ribbon, was the first of its kind in the cable industry, and to this day, we remain the only company to offer adhesive audio cables in multiple color combinations. Clark was also the first to bring long-range composite cables to market, offering more variety than any other brand in the industry. Another notable thing is that we have introduced color coding for the Audio Snake to simplify channel identification and installation. As broadcast and AV technology evolves, Clark continues to innovate products such as gas-injected coaxial cables, hybrid fiber and tactical fiber optics for the latest standards and high-quality video applications. Clark also offers custom connectivity products as part of its solution-based service model. From custom cable and cable assemblies to metal fabrication and custom wiring junction boxes, Clark can provide connection products that are built specifically for any system. As Clark continues to grow and innovate in our market, we continually strive to provide leading products through our unique and personalized service. Company recognizes the value and support of each customer and look forward to your continued business. New England Wire and Cable

Sterling Wire and Cable

Sterling Wire & Cable, LLC of Minneapolis is an inventory distributor of full-service, value-added wire, cable, insulation, and wire management products. Our extensive inventory helps support a wide range of customers, including original equipment manufacturers, military and aerospace contractors, medical device manufacturers, wire harness assembly companies and commercial low voltage system installers. In addition to high performance wire and cable products, we also offer a wide range of connector and wire management products, including heat shrink tubing, ferrules, terminal equipment, wire identification systems, cable ties and wire terminations. We provide important value-added services including wire and cable, spiral bundling, twisting, hot stamping, engraving, and dyeing. We additionally offer our client an arranged inventory program to meet their “just in time” dispatch requirements. Sterling Wire & Cable is your go-to source for cable customization and technical support. Sterling Wire & Cable, LLC will work with customer engineers to find the right cable solution for the most demanding applications. The company employs some of the most knowledgeable people in our field and is aligned with world-class manufacturers. This makes us a reliable partner and an asset for our customers. Sterling Wire and Cable, LLC manufactures many wire and cable products such as Fastening Solutions cable connection, terminal, knitting, hand tools, fire alarm cable safety cable, Communication and Control Cables, Tray cable Coaxial Cables and Connectors, Multiconnectors and Flex Cables heat shrink tube, hook line, Harsh Environment Cable UL home wire, Machine tool wire, military wire, route Construction Wires/Clamps, XLPE and PVC insulation, welding cable DLO, battery cable, engine wire, AWM and others wire, and cable produced. Jsc wire and cable

New England Wire and Cable

New England Wire Technologies, based in Lisbon, New Hampshire, is the parent and largest company in the MJM Holdings Group and manufactures all wire and cable sold under the New England Wire Technologies name. Other secondaries include New England Tubing Technologies (Lisbon, NH), Bay amalgamates Wire Technologies (Fremont, CA) and New England Interconnect Systems (Santa Ana, Mexico). Whether designed to customer specifications or unique needs, the New England Wire Technologies design team develops innovative and unique wire and cable solutions. On-site manufacturing processes include wiring, electroplating, weaving, wiring, insulation, and extrusion services. And because all of our proprietary equipment and tools are designed and manufactured in-house, we have complete control, while also making quick changes when needed. Through true vertical integration of the manufacturing process, our customers have the shortest design-to-market curves in the industry. The company’s customized products and solutions are not only designed based on customers’ exact specifications but also designed to work under the harsh conditions of today’s advanced manufacturing processes. The company uses its extensive manufacturing capabilities and deep knowledge of conductors and insulation materials to design and manufacture custom cables that deliver exactly what you’re looking for – low noise, high flexibility, long flex life, miniaturization, High/low-temperature performance, or resistance. To corrosive oils and chemicals, short lead times, rapid prototyping, and unparalleled customer service. The company is a global leader in custom ultra-flexible interconnect products offering conductor sizes from micro to 250 MCM. These include a wide range of rope constructions using bare copper, tin plated-, silver- or nickel-plated copper and high strength alloys. Often found in UL and CSA approved PVC insulated construction, our custom flexible connectors combine our ultra-fine wire strand technology with nylon, polyethylene, polyurethane, polypropylene, polyester, silicone rubber, PVC, FEP, ETFE, it combines PFA and thermoplastic elastomers. Rds wire and cable

Jsc wire and cable

More than 40 years ago, Jersey Strand and Cable, Inc. (JSC) grew out of an industry need to provide specialty cables and custom strands in small and micro sizes using materials with very specific properties and functions. Today, Jersey Strand and Cable, Inc., as the world’s most diversified manufacturer of fine gauge and fiber optic cables, continues to serve the needs of industries around the world for custom fiber and fiber optic cables. JSC has more than 200 manufacturing machines at two 100,000+ square foot facilities in Philipsburg and Washington, NJ. These machines, many of which are designed and built in JSC, along with a large number of peripherals, are supported by modern testing and development laboratories, ensuring that each customer’s product is delivered to specification. Cable production management control system Using professional consultants led by former IBM systems engineers, we created a fully integrated computerized management control system. From request for quotation, procurement, raw materials, to receipt and inspection of raw materials, the entire manufacturing, shipping, certification and billing process, the system controls and records every detail from compliance with customer and Jersey Strand specifications. and cables to ensure. We use this system at every step of our entire operational process. Both our customers and our competitors are affected by information that is immediately available. Company system can even easily retrieve the entire history of a spool from source to manufacturing process to final stage. The company’s systems are designed and created specifically for us and are therefore efficient and effective. Company system has contributed greatly to our success. JSC pride himself on his reputation as a manufacturer of the highest quality products delivered on time. Jsc wire and cable

Rds wire and cable

RDS Wire & Cable is a distributor of electronic stock and wire, cable, tubing and sheathing for the military and aerospace industries as well as commercial equipment manufacturers. The company was established in 1985 and its quality management system has been ISO9001 and AS9120 certified since 2003. The company’s experienced sales staff and extensive processing and packaging capabilities make RDS Wire and Cable an excellent source for customers. RDS has low minimum order requirements and quick arrange fulfillment. Specialties include Heat Shrink Tubing, Aircraft Wire, Coaxial Cables, Copper Busbars, Copper and Steel Strips, Power Wires, Power Wire Assemblies, Cable Ties, Solder End Sleeves and Single Strand Braided Sleeves including expandable in a variety of materials) and fiberglass. Ultra-thin wall tubing made of polyamide and PTFE insulation and ultra-thin wall wire with PVC, PTFE and FEP insulation are also available from RDS. RDS offers special order cables that are manufactured to customer or agency drawings with low minimum order quantities and short lead times. RDS processing includes custom heat marking tubing, wire cutting and stripping, tinning wire, wire stripping, wire and tube printing, tube cutting, wire-to-cable turning, and fluoropolymer (Teflon®) wire, cable, or tube etching. RDS Wire & Cable, Inc. Following the best practices of social distancing and proper hygiene to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus, it will continue to work as close to normal as possible. Rds wire and cable The company is also limiting employee travel and temporarily postponing any customer visits. Several our customers suggested that RDS Wire & Cable, Inc. As part of the supply chain for products related to the defense, aerospace, transportation, and medical industries, we must consider RDS Wire & Cable an important business and continue to support our defense. Customers of aerospace, transportation, and medical industries. Conclusion All information mentioned above providing to the buyers who want to know and buy wires and cables and Our vision is to be a standard for customized products and quality services so that we can build a good brand image of our company in the national and international market. Please kindly visit our site for more information.

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