Super Awesome Lead Copper Cable at Wholesale

Lead copper cables that have a copper conductor are called copper cables. Today, many metals such as aluminum, silver, steel, lead are also used as conductors, but among them, copper cable is more used in industry. We are proud to offer you our products with excellent quality, over years of experience in the production and sale of copper cables. You can contact us for necessary advice and guidance.

Super Awesome Lead Copper Cable at Wholesale

What Temperature Can Copper Cable Withstand?

What Temperature Can Copper Cable Withstand?

There are several things to consider when buying a copper cable. First of all, you should see if the necessary standards have been met in the production of copper cable or not. For example, in Class 1 single-wire cables, the conductor must be annealed copper plated or plain, aluminum or alloyed.

Its cross-section should be round and the conductor heat resistant cable 2.5mm at 20° C, heat resistant cable for oven should not be higher than the maximum value specified in the standard. We suggest that you buy copper wire from reputable stores.

You can also buy uncoated copper wire. The main use of uncoated copper cable is for use as the ground wire. Buying this cable can be cheaper than buying a copper cable due to the fact that it has no cover and weighs less.

Copper is a high-temperature wire and is used more than any alloy in manufacturing wires. It can be used in other electrical appliances due to its high conductivity and flexibility. To better understand the use of copper wire in today’s industry, you should know that since the construction of electric magnets and telegraphs in 1820, copper wire was used in these devices.

Copper metal is the best choice in terms of electricity and is the most significant conductor material used in the distribution and transmission of electrical energy, which is used for conductors of wires and cables due to its high electrical conductivity and excellent physical and mechanical properties.

Utilizing Heat-Resistant Cable

Utilizing Heat-Resistant Cable

Examining the properties of these metals and their cost has led to this result. Copper has a special physical and chemical structure, so it is more superior than other types of cables.

Copper is currently known as the best electrical conductor among many metals. The flexibility of this metal is very high. In addition, copper has high rolling properties. Copper that is shaped like a rod turns into thin strands when stretched.

Copper cables are marketed in a number of different strands and cross sections.These cables are divided into different types based on the size of the strands, cross section, conductor material, type of sheath and.. The following are the conductors used in copper cable:

Class 1 conductor: A type of copper cable is introduced to the market, which is also called single-wire cable. This conductor has the least flexibility, but compared to flexible and spray conductors, it has more ability to conduct electric current.

These products have a variety of uses. For example, copper telephone cable, copper power cable, copper telecommunication cable, copper antenna cable, coaxial copper cable and… are among the types of applications of copper cable.

Class II conductors: Class II copper conductors have semiconductor properties. The strands of this cable and its conductors are twisted and regular. A number of twisted wires have been used to make the conductor of these cables. Ibn Hadi are marketed in both compressed and non-compressed forms. In terms of flexibility, these cables are more flexible than single-wire cables.

Class 5 and Class Six Conductor: Another name for these conductors is flexible and spray conductors. These cables are more flexible than all other cables. The number of wires of this conductor model is more than the other two models, but their diameter is much smaller. That’s why they are more flexible. These cables are widely used in the construction industry.

Top Heat Resistant Cable Manufacturer

Top Heat Resistant Cable Manufacturer The price of copper cable can not be said exactly. The price of copper wire is determined by the price of raw materials used in its production, such as copper itself and polymeric materials such as PVC. Of course, the price of copper is always a more effective function. Due to market fluctuations, accurate pricing of copper wire is difficult. Manufacturers always seek to deliver the best quality at affordable prices.

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