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Unified Wire and Cable manufactures a wide variety of wire and cable for the appliance, automotive, recreational vehicle, electronics, OEM, and wire and cable distribution markets. The company is in the heart of the Midwest in DeKalb, Illinois, just 1/2 hour west of downtown Chicago. There are many reasons for Unified Wire and Cable to be a strategic partner for connecting wire or multi-conductor cables. Unified Wire and Cable Experience Leverage our extensive and diverse market experience to provide you with practical product solutions at competitive prices. Capabilities and Equipment With a 75,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility and industry-leading manufacturing technology, we have the capability to meet your needs, no matter the size of your order. Manufacturing Vertical integration from copper fabrication to extrusion allows for more flexible production schedules, and better response times mean faster service. Inventory contact us. Company often must use his finished goods inventory in an emergency. Pricing  Ensure that when you place an order, you will receive the right material on time and at a competitive price. Austech Wire & Cable was established in 1997 and is a privately held company located in Braeside, Victoria, Australia. The company’s world-class manufacturing facilities are equipped with the latest technology – state-of-the-art machinery and in-house process control systems to ensure products are consistently produced to the highest quality standards. Alliance Wire & Cable has been serving electrical, datacom and specialty contractors in the Southeast since 1998. Whether it is fire alarm cable, security alarm cable, coaxial cable, Cat 5E or Cat 6, fiber optic, medium voltage cable, solar photovoltaic cable. Cable or cable tray, when you need it, we have what you need. Headquartered in Lawrenceville, Georgia, just outside Atlanta, Alliance Wire & Cable has extensive inventory to serve customers anywhere in the United States, the Caribbean and Mexico. Austech Wire and Cable

Unified Wire and Cable

Unified Wire & Cable has been your trusted source for insulated leads since 1978. Unified Wire and Cable, located in DeKalb, Illinois, continues to operate as one of the few privately owned wire manufacturers in the heartland of the United States. From our original PVC extruder, we now operate 7 extrusion lines in a 75,000-square-foot facility that is fully integrated from copper fabrication to single conductor insulation and various multi-conductor cable configurations. This vertical integration gives us the flexibility to map, package and unbundle based on market fluctuations and customer needs. With over 100 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and distributing wire and cable, Integrated Wire & Cable Management Team can provide practical solutions to your supply chain challenges. Unified’s wire and cable sales team has over 100 years of proven experience selling wire and cable from some of the largest manufacturers on the market. We are committed to building a versatile management team with experience across multiple market segments and multiple manufacturers to deliver real value to our supply partners and customers. This experience allows us to provide practical custom solutions at competitive prices that can impact your organization beyond a single price assessment. His goal is for you to expect and rely on our exceptional levels of customer service and value from your first order to on-time delivery at UWC. Browse our product pages and read more about integrated wire and cable products. If you don’t see what you’re looking for or need a custom design to meet your manufacturing challenge, please contact our sales team and ask, Company may have it in stock, or we’ll work to provide a solution. Alliance Wire and Cable

Austech Wire and Cable

Austech Wire & Cable’s world-class manufacturing facility is equipped with the latest technology – state-of-the-art modern machinery, as well as in-house process control systems to ensure products are always manufactured to the highest quality standards. The company prides itself on technology, working with the best manufacturers in the world, including Kuhara, Niehoff, Rosendahl, Pioneer, PS Costruzioni, Balloffet. etc., allowing us to achieve the best in the quality of all our products Something Austech Wire & Cable did. power cable Austech Wire & Cable is a leading specialist manufacturer of high-quality oxygen free and tinned copper cable products. Company manufacture cable products for a wide range of industries, including: car Single Core, Twin, Trailer Cable, Battery Cable, CANBUS ocean Single Core, Twin, Trailer Cable, Battery Cable watering system Single-core, multi-core, PVC and poly-sheathed cables, MAXI cables fire alarm Specialty Wire and Cable Flat Twins and Twisted Twins electrical panel 0.5mm2 to 10mm2 Single Core HT Tinned PVC V90HT and XLPE 110 Degree power bend PVC V90HT and XLPE 110° 6mm2 to 500mm2 single and double insulation welding 16mm2 to 120mm2 Flexible Double Insulation The speaker Clear twins and multiple pairs put up Single Core, SDI and Easy Flat Tear 1 to 185mm shooting Ocean wire and Cable wire detonates explosives flexible 0.5 mm2 to 25 mm2 single-core and multi-core flexible cables Composite cable Design according to customer needs. Austech Wire & Cable prides itself on being an innovative cable manufacturer that delights in developing products to meet a wide variety of cable design needs. Austech Wire & Cable’s competitive advantage is its ability to quickly produce the highest quality cables with lower minimum order quantities than other cable manufacturers or importers. magnet wire Austech Wire & Cable also produces Australia’s highest quality enamelled wire using its oxygen-free copper rods. Austech Wire & Cable manufactures wire in sizes from 0.125mm to 1.80mm and offers a wide range of enameled wires for electrical and electronic applications. This includes. York Wire and Cable

Alliance Wire and Cable

Alliance Wire & Cable was founded in 1998 when Sergio Marti and Mike Strong combined their extensive experience and knowledge in the wire, cable, and distribution business to serve the Atlanta metro area. The great customer service they provide quickly sets them apart from the competition. They expanded their territories into the Southeast and the Caribbean, prompting them to move to a larger location in 2011 to accommodate the growing business. Alliance Wire & Cable opened a second location near Dallas, Texas in July 2016 to serve customers in Texas and surrounding states. With two locations, Alliance Wire & Cable can continuously expand its inventory to better support customers and maintain its reputation as the first choice for their wire and cable needs. Alliance Wire & Cable is committed to maintaining the highest level of service and continues to evolve products and customer service as market conditions and technological advancements change. Alliance Wire & Cable has been a favorite of security, fire, and life safety contractors since its founding in 1998. With immediate access to over $2 million in inventory, you can count on Alliance Wire & Cable for fast delivery. Alliance Wire & Cable provides electrical contractors and integrators with specialized wire and cable needs, including industrial, renewable, road and medium voltage. With over 200 years of combined experience in the wire and cable industry, our experts can meet all your specialty wire and cable needs. Alliance Wire & Cable has been a favorite of data and structured cabling contractors since its founding in 1998. We provide everything you need to complete your data and communications projects, from patch cords to racks and panels to termination tools. Since its founding in 1998, Alliance Wire & Cable has been supplying fiber optic contractors and integrators with the fiber optic cables and connectors they need. Alliance Wire & Cable’s experts can help you determine the best product for your application. Alliance Wire and Cable

Specialty Wire and Cable

Specialized Wire and Cable (SWC) specializes in custom design, manufacture, and assembly of cables for various industries. From conductor insulation to final coating, our dedicated team is dedicated to finding the right solution for your unique cable needs while supporting industry advancement. For 25 years, we have provided unparalleled customer service. Decade after decade, our loyal customers rely on us for high-quality, innovative engineering solutions. A comprehensive on-site assessment allows us to do what we do best – design custom cable solutions. Customers can be confident that SWC’s experienced professionals will work with you to solve technical, engineering and quality test cable challenges. With its own in-house cable manufacturing, assembly, forming and machining, the company can meet schedules. SWC’s founder and president, Ball Moon, was working for a cable company in the 80s that was struggling with the challenge of meeting the demanding customization needs of various industries. Ball left the company in 1996 and went solo with the mission of producing specialty cables for every industry and every environment. From designing cables in his garage to working for large corporations, Ball has spent the past 25 years solving complex cable problems. The quality is reflected not only in his own work, but also in the quality of this expert, carefully selected and well-trained team. SWC has the experience and resources to design, engineer and manufacture solutions. We offer a wide variety of insulating, protective and coating materials to best suit your project needs. Insulated wires and other components are pulled into the cable by a skilled operator through an orientation plate. The process of bundling various components such as individual insulated wires, coaxial cables, optical fibers, data cable fillers, etc., into a special cable. Specialty Wire and Cable

Ocean wire and Cable

Ocean Wire & Cable Company is a supplier of insulated wire and cable for a variety of applications from high to low temperatures. Ocean stocks same-day shipping materials and does custom construction. Ocean Cables was founded by people who have been associated with the cable industry for the past 14 years. The company has a coordinated team of highly skilled professionals who are committed to a high standard of product quality and are always committed to full customer satisfaction. We operate a wide range of cables including power cables, control cables, instrumentation cables, industrial wiring cables, flexible cables, telephone cables and heat resistant cables including PVC, XLPE, rubber insulation, fiberglass, asbestos, and PTFE. We operate marine cables. It meets the needs of major industries such as cement, petrochemical, processing industry, copper and zinc smelters, and chemical industry. The quality of ocean cables along with reasonable prices and continuous improvement based on customer feedback provide buyers with enough confidence. The company can supply cables according to any national and international standard and can meet the specifications provided by the customer. customer. Ocean wire and Cable

York Wire and Cable

Since our establishment in 1987, the company has been a world leader in high temperature lead wires and thermocouples, but we also supply most other types of wire and cable. We offer everything from fiberglass sleeves to portable power cords, welding cables, RTD wires and thermocouple leads. York Wire & Cable, Inc. serves all industries, Military, OEM, Aerospace, Energy, Automotive, Transportation, Government, Shipbuilding, Manufacturing and Distributors. Our products are found in various industries around the world. York Wire & Cable, Inc. is headquartered in York, Pennsylvania and has a global distribution network. We are close to three major ports on the East Coast of the United States, as well as several major international airports, with direct cargo flights to every major destination around the world. Our location only helps to serve our international customers better and deliver their products on time. The strength of York Wire & Cable, Inc. is to provide high quality, high priced products with low minimum requirements. No one can compete with our fast turnaround on custom cables. We have engineers who can help design the custom cables needed for your specific application. We offer a variety of useful services that go hand in hand in our industry; On-time shipments, inventory management programs and NIST traceable testing of thermocouple wire in our temperature testing lab located in our facility. The management, sales and distribution teams of York Wire and Cable, Inc. are Dedicated to maximum customer satisfaction. York Wire and Cable His team of experienced wire and cable experts is dedicated to quickly and efficiently servicing every request, quote, and order, responding, and often exceeding customer expectations. York Wire & Cable, Inc. manufactures a variety of products such as electrical bushings Portable power cord Super flexible neoprene welding cable High temperature control cable Thermocouple wire and others. Conclusion We pride ourselves on providing timely and accurate and fast services, we seeking to find our place in international market, by high quality and reliability of our products. We conduct our business in an honest and direct manner, with top management responsible for day-to-day activities, which include making enquiries, orders and following their personal concerns.

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