wire and cable wholesale price in the market

just as it is the case for any other product, the hsn code for wire and cable does a great deal to clarify what exact type of cable and wire is meant.

There are numerous cases where Buyers and sellers discount this code and the confusion and misunderstandings lead them to unresolved court cases.

Hsn code stands for the harmonized system nomenclature. It narrows down the categories the product belongs to from chapter followed by heading and subheading and finally the item.

In the case of wire and cable we are faced with a ten-digit Hsn code. So, for example, when one sees the Hsn code 8544492100 he must refer to the unified description reference for Hs codes issued by the world customs organization WCO they can easily find out that this code refers to the areal all aluminum conductors with stranded all-alloy aluminum conductor for the neutral core and xlpe extruded insulator to give it maximum resistance against heat.

As an exclusively exporting company dealing with businesspeople, importers, wholesalers, and construction projects’ procurement departments samawire company makes a point of facilitating the identification of its product type by clearly mentioning each product’s Hsn code in every document it issues.

Also, customers can find the pertinent code for each item along with it’s the full description, picture, application and much more information. Leaving no place for misunderstanding.

wire and cable discount code

wire and cable discount code

unlike many products, there is no high season for wire and cable. so, if you see titles advertising seasonal discount code, just ignore the hype.

You may be interested to know how wire and cable is priced. In fact, the price of copper and other metals is the main factor in determining the price of wire and cable.

LME or London metal exchange is a reliable resource to find out about increase or decrease in the global price of different metal on a daily basis.

You can then calculate the end price for any type and size of cable. on the other hand, this is not to say that discount is forever ruled out in this business.

There are definitely factors that can help lower the price, the availability of copper and aluminum is a good case in point.

While there are many companies who have to purchase from overseas, the copper and aluminum, they need for production, and then pay for transportation and official costs of import, which has a direct influence on the pricing of the end product, there are those who may even have a copper and aluminum mine of their own.

There are also those companies who have astutely chosen to establish their companies in the vicinity of copper and aluminum mines.

Therefore, if you want to make sure the price you are offered is lowest possible for a standard quality, make sure you study the background of the company. Iranian companies in general are privileged with having access to numerous copper, and aluminum mines.

another special por associated with the manufactures of wire and cable in Iran is the availability of petrochemical derivatives such as PVC, XLPE, HDPE used as insulators for wire and cable, located in Qom , and industrial city in Iran, samawire company takes every possible measure to manage to stay among the most competitive producers of wire and cable.

wire and cable naics code

wire and cable naics code

North American industry classification system, better known as naics is basically used to collect, data in order to analyze and elicit meaningful statistical data on American industries the naics code assigned to wire and cable is 335920.

The problem with this code is it is not applicable in Europe or other countries.

Due to this shortcoming most countries resort to another coding system that can be applied to gather information internationally and is an efficient unifying strategy to harmonize all the products traded in the world.

This harmonized system known as HS code, also makes possible accumulating comprehensive statistics on all the international trade that takes place around the word.

This data easily yields itself to analysis, programming and referencing.

As wire and cable is regarded as a product of high complexity, there number of codes allocated to these products exceeds 400 but for electric conductors the common part of the code 854449.

Here is some interesting information drawn from the statistics obtained through hs code for the type of cable this code refers to in 2021.

Out of the 145939712000 USD value of imports, the top 5 countries with the highest value of import are respectively America, Germany, Japan, Mexico and China.

On the other hand, the same statistics reveal that out of the 148203892000 USD worth of export the top 5 countries were China, Mexico, America, Germany and Viet   Nam.

if we narrow down our statistics and take a look at Iran.

Among Asian countries Armenia, turkey, Uzbekistan, Kirgizstan, and Tajikistan are the 5 countries with the highest value of imports from Iran.

Based on an analysis of statistics from the same source Iran’s major target exporting market is projected to be African developing countries to supersede its neighbors.

a proof of this claim is that in Samawire company where the main line of exports was directed to Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and other neighboring countries. now they receive inquiries which result in exports to African countries such as the democratic republic of Congo, Nigeria, and Namibia.

Wire and cable promo code

Wire and cable promo code

Promo codes coupons, unbelievable discounts, are advertisement titles we frequently come across these days in the market of wire and cable. but what lies behind all this hype is cable companies are not really that free in lowering their prices.

in fact, the one significant factor that the price of cable and wire directly depends upon is the global value of copper or other conductors.

Companies located in areas of the world where access to copper mines and raw copper or aluminum is not accessible have to apply market strategies some of which might not be so benefitting to the buyer.

For this reason, it would be highly recommendable to those who intend to buy this product to carry out extensive research about whether that company has access to it’s a copper mine in its vicinity or it will have to pay for the copper it needs for its production line and import it form abroad.

A process which will automatically increase production cost and consequently ramp up the price. on the other hand if through your search for where the company obtains its raw copper you find out that they, for example, have a contract with a copper mine in a nearby city or town you can be certain that their prices are closer to reality.

To put it in a nutshell, be careful not to be scammed by the hype coming form adverts for some wire and cable brands.

The voucher, promotion or coupons could be the result of them using low quality copper or even decreasing the copper content of cable and replacing the loss in weight with a heavier PVC Could be the behind special offers coming in the form of promotions and offers or discounts.

The Iranian wire and cable manufacturing company Samawrie invites you to visit its website and review the full range of certificates commonly associated with standard and quality of wire and cable. you can also very easily trace the provenance of the raw copper used for production in this company form the documents available on the website.

wire and cable harness

wire and cable harness

the fewer connection harness is used when installing an electric wire and cable in a circuit, the better the current will flow through that electric circuit.

But the use of connectors and harness is inevitable so what comes next is how well the connections have been installed and what quality connectors and harnesses have been utilized to reach the maximum current flow in a circuit.

The importance of this issue is not limited to the optimum flow of electricity in the circuit.

Another point which in fact takes on higher priority is related to the time when the harness is installed inside a wall or ducts in building during construction.

In this case any faulty or weak connection resulting from low quality in the material of the harness or inaccurate implementation process, can prove to be extremely costly.

So, it would be highly advisable for people who want to implement the electric wiring and cable system in their construction site to take care and make sure the quality of both the harness they chose to use and the virtuosity of the technician who implements the wire and cable system lives up to expected level.

When stacked up against soldered connections the harness connections get a much lower rank because in a soldered joint there is complete connectivity whereas in a harness joint connectivity is based on touch rather than integration.

Nevertheless, as mentioned before it is inevitable to connect all joints through soldering.

In the case of nuts and bolt connections care must be taken to tighten the screw firmly so a loose connection will not cause a short circuit later.

If quick connectors are used it is important to ascertain that the manufacturing company is reliable, and the quality of conductor used in the connector and the dielectric material corresponds to requirements specified by standard.

The different types of connectors available for sail in Samawire company are regularly tried and tested before they are approved as qualified.

wire and cable harness

IPC-620 cable and wire harness certification

can trust be built just based on the ordinary wording we encounter in advertisement titles? In the early industrial era, the sudden change in the structure of industry often necessitated the establishment of organizations to supervise the quality with which different manufactured goods were stacked up against.

Later they decided that certain features and properties for every individual item manufactured in a factory could be measured and determined so that every item of that kind and size and function could be compared to the those established standards and judged as qualified or disqualified.

One such standard is IPC which is applied for electronic equipment.

There is a union with the same name it was established in 1957 as the printed circuits institute. as the more and more institutes of electronic assembly joined in the name changed to electronic harness and connections.

In the 1990s most people could not remember the full name they also could not agree on the meaning of the words. In spite of this the naming of this union didn’t change because research showed that no replacing word or expression can better describe the line of work and the area it covers.

This standard has more than 300 multilingual industrial subdivisions that covers virtually all stages of electronic products expansion.

IPC standards help to materialize the realization of top quality.

It also provides details about how the electronic considerations can be implemented as such the arrangement and setting of the DPN pathway.

The connection and harness. once a company has acquired IPC for its products it has to regularly notify the union for compliance and in case there is any discrepancy they will have to stop rectifying immediately.

Considering the significance of correspondence to a set standard for electronic harness and connection, you as a buyer must pay due attention to ascertain the item you want to buy has the required properties set by IPC.

In Samawire company just like many more standard bound companies IPC is very strictly applied to the production of electronic harness and connectors for cable and wire.

we strongly advise those electric harness manufacturers who still have not taken action to obtain this standard for their products to set about getting it.

Because customers today are rightly aware of the standards for products, they will not stay around to buy.

If you are one of those companies who are interested in obtaining IPC standard for their harness and connection products, having had and practiced IPC, we are happy to suggest our solutions to for free.

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